Craft Work

by Jon Horne

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Recorded at home in Whitby, North Yorkshire, during February and March 2019. Music on "Now You're Gone" was written and played by Simon Ashby.

Cover photo © JH 2019 with apologies to Hipgnosis.


released March 17, 2019

Mr J Horne: male vocal with guitar acc.


all rights reserved



Jon Horne Whitby, UK

Keepin' it largely fictional in the pubs and Pavilions of Whitby since 2004. Vocal, guitar, noisy songs with stories and tunes.


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Track Name: T41
Track Name: Forgotten Classics
Bury me or fire me from a gun
Take my ashes and fly them into the sun
Take my guitar to the auction room
There’s a memorabilia sale coming soon
Collect what’s left and put it in a box
Shed a tear if you like, and make sure nothing’s lost
Nothing’s lost
Nothing’s ever lost

Afternoon on Radio TFM
Time to fill between news and advertisements
Cue up number something from the list
Jog someone’s memory, clear the mist
But didn’t I just play this yesterday
And the day before and then tomorrow, come what may
Come what may
Tomorrow, come what may

Heart attacks and ODs
Plane crashes and STDs
Choking, drowning and killer bees
None of these can stop me
I’m an animated hologram
With all my original backing band
We’re on tour up and down the land
Clap your hands and love me

Make a film about me, narrated by
Rebecca Front or Liam Neeson… Stephen Fry?
I’m dying to be famous once again
Put me on a bank note, I’m a dead white man
Put all my old demos on CD
Video my children crying on TV
Crying on TV
Pretending they miss me

Heart attacks and ODs…

I’ve had my fifteen minutes
Now I want fifteen more
Fill your heads with memories
That just seem to endure
Then ask me why there’s no forgotten classics any more

Heart attacks and ODs…
Track Name: Tea For One
Some things are just better
when you do them with someone else
So listen to me please
it’s for the good of your health
Like waking up in winter
or smoking in the bath
Enjoy what you’ve got while it lasts

We’d been up in the mountains
Where the air was cool and clear
And the engine’s scream for mercy
Was all that you could hear
Past mansions on the hillsides
And bursts of Spanish broom
We came down to Barcelona
And found ourselves a room
We sat out on the fire escape
Until the day was done
That was then and this is now
I’m taking tea for one

Easter time, I was trying to run
Away from it all
I was trying to be a “hero”
Beside the Berlin wall
But the wall was an attraction
For the millions like me
Who come to stare at bullet holes
And imagine history
Now history’s repeating
And the fire bell has rung
Let’s all forget the past again
Let’s all have tea for one

Tea for one
I’ll have tea for one
It’s not fair to say
I’ve turned my back on anyone
You didn’t want me anyway
When all’s said and done
You say, let’s move on
And I’ll have tea for one

Farewell to Dolce Vita
And goodbye Betty Blue
It’s the end of cafe culture
And weekend rendezvous
Who needs coffee anyway?
It’s bitter and it’s black
Bonsoir to joie de vivre
To Freude and the craic
There’s no more drinking white wine
In the red setting sun
I’ll just leave and take what’s mine
And I’ll have tea for one -
Tea for one…
Track Name: Supernova
Die bad, go rotten
All of your sins will still be forgotten
I can guarantee you there’s no one keeping score.

Die good, decompose
Sorry, that’s just the way that it goes
All that trouble you went to, what was it for?

The end is the end,
When there’s no time to mend
The damage that you’ve done
I tell you, my friend
We’re all going to end up
As atoms in the sun’s supernova

Die rich, go up in flames
Your children live on with double-barrelled names
But it’s still eight hundred degrees behind the door

Die poor and neglected
You’ll be reduced to ashes collected
And thrown away one day, that’s for sure

The end is the end…
(Boom) (No one can hear you in space)

Whether we take our holy communion
With EFTA, BAFTA or the European Union
One day we won’t be an island any more

Atlantis rises, Europe sinks
The North Sea turns into a skating rink
If we’re up a mountain or down on the sea floor

The end’s still the end,
There’s no time to mend
The damage that we’ve done
I tell you, my friend
We’re all going to end up
As atoms in the sun’s supernova
Track Name: White Wine And After Eights
There’s a siren moaning in the distance
Because the river’s overflowed
And you can’t get from anywhere to here
Because the river’s on the road
Down town there’s blue lights flashing
But up here we think we’re safe
Behind half a ton of iron gate
We’re living on white wine and after eights.

Johnny goes out for a breath of air
And get a bite to eat
Susie wants to see the waves
And feel the sand beneath her feet
And a wave picks up poor Susie
And carries her away
It’s a sad end to a perfect date
Meanwhile we’re on on white wine and after eights.

One day I’m going to be king of the north
I can feel it in my bones
I’m stuck with this regal air
And I really don’t need to show it
No, I don’t…

We should be worrying about the state
Of the planet Earth in these days
We should be guilty for the part
That you and I are playing
Half the people that ever lived
Are walking around today
The world gets warmer anyway
And we’re living on white wine and after eights
Track Name: Winter Thrills
Winter thrills me
And damned near kills me
Come on wheels,
Get a grip on the road
Her love fills me
Cures what ails me
I can feel it down in my throat

When I’m hoarse from shouting
At inbreds with more cars than brain cells
If that’s the way you drive
How do you manage to breathe?
Don’t you know I’m in love
And I need to be with my girl
Right now, you see

It was only yesterday
Feels like infinity
I crawled out
From her cotton sheets
The warm embrace
Of my favourite place
That’s where I want to be - right now

But I’m stuck behind a tractor
On the A52 to Grantham
With a Range Rover up my arse
Trying to put me in the ditch
I bet he keeps a faded picture of Thatcher
And stands for the national anthem
Steals from the the poor, gives to the rich

Coca Cola
And another roll-up
Peel Show playing
On the radio
Can’t pull over
there’s no hard shoulder
And anyway I’ve got to go

Now there’s no one else to fight
Between here and my love
Hold on to the wheel
There’s black ice on the road
I’ll be there by midnight
Then I’ll take my shoes off
When I get into that bed
I’ll be home
Track Name: Instrumental
Take a sip of red wine
Swill around and take your time
Hold it up to the sun
Don’t wait till the evening comes

Drop the needle nice and slow
Sit back and listen close
Saxophones sing out the theme
Piano rolling underneath

I’ve got the wine, I’ve got the jazz
I’m not sure what I’m dressed up as
But I’m sophisticated as can be
She was instrumental in making me

Read the New Yorker magazine
Armani shirts and Paul Smith jeans
Truffaut and the nouvelle vague
She showed me the better way

No more beer and cigarettes
No more football, no more bets
Am I bitter? No I’m not
I’m grateful for the things I’ve got

A simple boy with simple tastes
She broke my heart, laid me to waste
If you look into my face, you’ll see
She was instrumental in making me
Track Name: Now You're Gone
Yesterday I felt you
Getting out of bed
You spoke to me through the closed door
But I didn’t hear what was said
I could have stopped you leaving
At least I could have tried
Instead I just went back to bed
And I don’t suppose you cried

Now, now that you’re gone
I’ve got so much time to get things done
There’s nowhere I can’t go
There’s nothing I can’t do
I don’t have to worry any more
About loving you

I could plant a garden
With sunflowers so tall
And you’d never get to see it
Behind the garden wall
I could buy myself an old car
And fix it as good as new
I’d drive it anywhere I liked
Alone, without you

Now, now you’re gone…

Always, always, I would wait
I never felt my life was slipping away

Now, now you’re gone…

I could find somebody
And fall in love again
Maybe she’d look like you
And maybe I’d pretend
I know that we’d be happy
Together till the end
I’d mention you in passing
Some old long-lost friend
Track Name: European Sun
The European sun doesn’t leave you alone
It burns your skin off your bones
It’s there every day, it won’t go away
Turning the soil to stone

The European sun doesn’t hide behind the clouds
It’s not shy, It’s brash and it’s proud
But it needs to be loved, shining down from above
The European sun’s always out

The European sun shines down on European sons
And daughters. It’s the light on the water
The glare on the sand, the tan on the tanned
It tears the bricks from the mortar

The European sun is the burn on the burned.
Who hide in the shade of cathedrals
Through the glare on our eyes we peer at the stones
And the pilgrims lighting their candles

If the European sun were to come here to stay
Or just to visit for a day
We’d be burning as one until we were well done
Oh won’t you return, my European sun?

The European sun shines down on European sons
And daughters. It’s the light on the water
The glare on the sand, the tan on the tanned
It tears the bricks from the mortar
Track Name: Foreign Child
he was a foreign child
orange hair and eyes
couldn’t speak the language to save his life
Mother wouldn’t let him play
with the local boys

Looking down from the third-
-floor window on a world
that didn’t like the likes of him, he curled
his lip and muttered softly
“I’ve got all I need with my toys.”

I’ve got wooden blocks
I’ve got my X-Box
I’ve got my wires and electric shocks

Then he’s nineteen
Full of piss and cream
Landing back in England’s tapestry
Train goes underground
he tries not to scream

There’s nowhere
To even compare
So the books say - and how right they are
Look at the girls on the corner
And the boys too

You get daylight
All into the night
And when they touch you, it feels so nice

There’s something to be said for listening

it’s a nasty scene
on the bowling green
riding round like he thinks he’s Steve McQueen
he’s given up caring
what anyone thinks of him

You get daylight
All into the night
Track Name: When You Fell
When you fell, I never caught you
When you called me I never heard
When you needed a voice
To speak up for you…

When you bent down, facing east
Praying and crying, I could at least
Have given you the wealth
of my experience

I just creased my brow, and shook my head
Then I turned away and then I said…

Why are you telling me this? she sighed
And were there tears in her eyes?
Are you saying you wish you’d loved me
Or I’d loved you?

She said: you know I don’t believe
I was there as well, you see
And I don’t know why you need
To confess

I took out the papers from the desk
Is there anything you need to ask?
Track Name: The Bridge On Christmas Eve
We meet up on the church steps
And send the kids inside
To find themselves a place to sit
I can just hear “Silent Night”
Then we pass round the bottle
As the organ plays it slow
Feel the glow as the whisky does its thing
Feel it as the choir starts to sing

Terry’s got his troubles
Suzannah’s on the mend
It’s sad for Keith and Karen
The way that they pretend
And as for me and Maureen
We’re hanging on I guess
Yes, we hold hands across the green
And the Christmas lights are not the worst I’ve seen

One day a year, we’re side by side
We’re as thick as thieves
We share regrets and place our bets
On who’ll be last to leave
We all sing songs for Jesus
Even though we don’t believe
And we all get drunk together
In the Bridge on Christmas Eve

Every other day goes by
You don’t see anyone
We pass each other on the street
But we’ve always got to run
In the real world we’re just neighbours
We’re not what you’d call friends
But in the end, we always say it’s going to be
Different next year, more like Christmas Eve

One day a year...

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